Thursday, August 6, 2009

Story : Mok's Birthday.

Lets start with Mok's birthday celebration first. We (Mok, me, Jaguh and Mok's sweet cousin) went to the TGI Friday at One Utama for a celebration. Its 20th for Mok and the rest of us still 19 years old. Hehehe. So, there goes Jaguh and Mok's cousin.

And there's Mok with my RM50 cheque. LOL.

And the nice entree for the dinner. I love cheese!

Unfortunately I got an ulcer in my mouth and it is still there until today. Really cant enjoy my foods and drinks due to the pain. It sucks. Really spoiled my daily mood. =(

After we finished our dinner, its time for a celebration. With the help from the TGI's workers, we had a little sing along, a few words and finally a big clap from all of the customers.

And the yummy chocolate cake from Secret Recipe.

And the next day, my mum invited us to go to my home for a lil dinner and my mum gave Mok a present for the birthday.

I hope my dear will be happy forever, in a good health and in an enjoyable day.

1 comment:

Jaguh said...

Was a fun celebration indeed.. Still haven't do all the planed out activities huhu.. still didn't get to karaoke maa haha..

Happy Birthday Mok..


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