Thursday, August 6, 2009

Events : MAEPS Drift Run.

Din told us that he wanna try the MARDI drift track last Saturday so off we go to the track. We are among the earliest to arrived that day. Its quite good to arrived early since the pros usually played on night time. Which gave us a good time to practice more.

And after removing all tools and tyres, off we go to the track. As usual, Din usually wanted us to drove first and me also as usual, muka tak malu volunteer to be the first to test the track.

And at the starting line. A big thanks to Din for letting us use his car. Just wait till our car is ready to drift. We'll let you drive our car too.

And off we go.

And as usual, here's my warm up run. It really need a high speed entry for the first big corner which Din's KE70 didnt have the power to tackle the first one. Kinda lame but what the hell, we just wanna have some fun and to learn more about drifting. Its better to be on the track with a not powerful car rather than having a super drift spec car BUT just to park on a drift event.

One of the favourite crash spot. Quite high speed entry and poof~

And woops! Somebody crashed with Din's KE70. Har har har. Its Jaguh, not me. Gegege. Its normal, it is called shit happened all the time mate! Hope Din didnt get angry with this.

And last Saturday is my last day with Bee. Din again was kind enough to lend me his rim and a set of good tyres as she will be on a long journey. I didnt have enough $ to buy a proper tyres. There goes my offset rims.

Looks sissy from this side. Wide fender, non-offset rim. Just a precaution step for the journey.

A few stuffs to be taken to Ipoh. A few big bottles of water, an engine oil, spark plug T, and Bee's unused stuffs.

And there's Im of Underground Garage Ipoh ready to take Bee to Ipoh. Will be seeing Bee in a month maybe.

Again, my mom agree to top up a few more hundreds to spend on the bodywork and aircond. So, Bee will have a nice fitment on the fender area coz I already ask Im to make a custom arches and a full body work. Anyone interested with my wide flare? Im not using it anymore. Im asking RM250 nego. It will fit like a glove for Mazda 808. Gimme a call if you are interested.


Jaguh said...

Very quick course.. this Sunday got training with wet track.. But Melaka FX open sound more interesting than wrecking other people cars again haha..

kyujyuin09 said...

more speed,dont throttle off too early....use momentum if the car is underpowered...

hahahaha im a poser,i only tok kok and sing song....


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