Saturday, August 15, 2009

Story : Bee's Updates!

Gosh, what a busy week! Full of assignments, test, lab reports and etc. Damn, I hate 3rd year. Im808 had been constantly updating me with Bee's update. Here's one of the MMS that I received from him.

Checking out the engine compression I think.

So what is the problem with Bee actually? The 3rd piston has a low compression which mean the inner parts had been damaged badly. (Did I said it right? XD) Engine had been taken out and everything had been disassembled. That's is all from this week as Im808 is also busy with Zero 2 Hero TV show. He's one of the participant.

Jaguh and me will be going to Ipoh next weekend. I really miss Bee and why does Jaguh wanna follow? Coz he'll taking some measurement for Bee's interior. For what? Check out the next post.

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