Monday, August 30, 2010

Done.. Its Done.

Done all done! Car is at home now. There's few thing still need some final sort, such as malfunctioning brake lamp, some spring cleaning, and testing it around should not be a problem after this. And yes, the car need to be endorsed too so I wont be driving it around too much.

Swapped the rear rim with the Riverside. Very dish-ed but somehow I still prefer the 15'.

Pretty much a clean bay now. No more wires here and there.

Putting a flexi pineapple and center exhaust to reduce the noise. And tested it at Ulu Yam the other day. Really V-Tec alike. Power comes in after 3000 rpm. And really can rev it till 8000rpm.

Happy Merdeka anyway.


aa63 said...

bro how is the low down, do u suffer any stutter and lag at low rpm bfr the vti kick in.. u running ori black top ecu

Rosso said...

0-3000rpm kinda.... 'stock'. Really no power at all. But after 3000rpm, then we can talk bout pickup.

Im running a bit rich so that can rev till 8000+, so a bit 'sebu' sometimes at low rev.

Stanley Carter said...

awesome, I'm so jelesssss~

nazli haffiz said...

mmm.. vtec-like power is the bomb for n/a power.. nice!

Rosso said...

Stan, no need to jealous. Human, when you don't have it, you want it. When you have it, it doesn't bother you.

Really not excited with the car atm. I mean, yeah, the car is done. Okay. Done.

Car hasn't moving a lot since it was done.

zyfull said...

prapppp...prapppp....sound of 4throttle...wish i can he 8 throttle from my own engine bay....ehehee


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