Sunday, August 1, 2010

Photoshopped : Rolla's New Look.

The original photo was shot by Ariff at MAEPS a month ago.

And since I already swapped my Oni for the Riverside, and the engine swap is still not done, and some free time, I decided to play with the Photoshop. The photo donor for the editing are:

Some Forza Motorsport image. Gotta love the Equip 01.

Here's the one I bought. Gonna pick it up tomorrow at Pagoh, Johor. The spec is 14' x 7j with +0 offset.

And the rear rim that I swapped the other day. I thought it was an Advan A3A, but later found out it is a Riverside. Nevertheless the spec is 14' x 8j with +0 offset. In this photo is the original A3A.

And some trimming here and there, this is the results. Not bad eh?

30,000 visitors already from 132 countries! Thanks guys; for visiting this tiny little web space. I hope everyone enjoy reading whatever I wrote. I know there's a lot of grammar or spelling error, and some of the fact are wrong, and I am using the wrong term, but what the hell, I am typing whatever I understand from my point of view.  ^^

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