Friday, August 13, 2010


The waiting game is on.. Actually been waiting for a few days already. The car supposed to be done by Wednesday, and today is Friday already. The conversion project had been going on since 1.7.2010, and till now still not done.

Lesson learned from the previous project, I do not want to rush the foreman to finish the car quickly or else I will be sleeping on a roadside again. Wuuu, I do NOT want to have another breakdown. Come to think of it, how stupid one can be to have a breakdown after an overhaul process. Cheap thing no good and good thing don't come cheap.

So, I just ask my friend to hustle it a lil bit so that by Sunday, I can bring it back to Skudai. Of course I hope the car can be done by today coz the only work that is still not done is the LSD swap, and some wiring 'cleaning' process. That's the time-price I pay for asking a wireless engine bay. And if the car is done by today or tomorrow, at least I have a day or two to test and feel the car before driving it to Skudai.

Anyway, a baby cat was left in our hostel. Very not responsible cat; I mean her mother for leaving a newly born cat alone. So some of our classmate decided to take care of her, and her name is Zaza. And now she can walk already and very very active.

Farkin cute.

Sleepin on my lap.

Aaa, cant wait to fit in these two sets. Gonna remove the slick and put on a set of street tires. Should I remove it?

Happy Fasting to all Muslims. Currently enjoying my Puasa at home, skipped all the class this week; and being able to be with my family, and her every day really make me feel great and back to usual routine with her, one day one movie. Hahaha.


Vince said...

It not good to rush the foreman but follow up is ok. Not all bad thing is cheap, they can be expensive..... (be noted).
If you plan to drive your car on normal road, please ditch the slick and change to at least a semi-slick or road tyre. Slick is too dangerous to drive in the wet and will put other road user in danger. (I don't believe in "Oh i will drive slowly in the rain, because it can be an emergency anytime") Good luck Rosso.... hope you get your baby on time.....

Rosso said...

Yeaa, been constantly reminding the foreman to finish it up a bit faster.

Same thought with you bout the wet driving, might be using a new cheapo tires for daily..

Vince said...

Go get the Hankook V12, i have been using it for quite a while. So far i can say it is worth for the price paid.


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