Monday, August 2, 2010

Work out the Equip-ment No.1.

Just messing with the title. Anyway, I am back in college, far far away from home, JB. Sigh. Really wanna stay at home and went out with her everyday. Hehehe. But then, life must goes on. So, I just need to bear with it.

While I am on my way back, I took the opportunity to stop by at the Pagoh toll exit to pick up my new rims. It is a pair of Work Equip 01 with 7j and zero offset. Of course it is only 14'. Now Rolla gonna downgrade to 14' and since I am fitting in a pair of adjustable for the rear, I might make it slammed. Really wanna go for the 'offset is everything' and a nice fitment for the fender.

Ready to be polished.

And today, got some free time, did the polishing job. The left one had been polished two times while the right one hasn't.
Really eager to see what happened to Rolla when these two rims are on it. Current offset for the 15' are +38 with 1' spacer and +15. I hope +0 will do some magic.

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