Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Once Upon a Time..

Was browsing the Youtube for 20v noise, and looks like someone rescued some of the Tougeking's videos. I know he had a bad reputation with some of them, but hell yeah, he's one dedicated petrol head. From the blog, to the videos.

Unfortunately, back when I knew him, I barely know about cars especially the 4A-GE. Only know I finally knew he's running with 20v. I forgot whether it is a Blacktop or Silvertop. Huargh, I wish I asked him what was his car's spec.

Thanks to him, I got a chance to enter a track day, and it is because of his blog I finally become a blogger. After reading his blog for awhile, I finally decide to buy myself an old school. All started because of his blog.

Y'all can check his Sepang Track Day video here. And lucky me, I got to sit in his car on a touge course on Cameron. Also there's a video here.

Oh. here's his car though. I wonder what happened to him and the car?

On the other hand, I guess my car is following his car, from the engine till the exterior, even the rims. LOL. I'll do the black hood too soon.


Reuben said...

Hey bro..his car now is in indian driving is driving it now.He comes often to the batu kawan stadiumn for some drifting on sundays.If am not mistaken its a silvertop.Hope tat answers some of your quesions :)

Rosso said...

I heard that too. An Indian dude bought it from Penang. Cash buyer summore.

I do remember the top was not 'silver'. Maybe respray. Glad to hear that car is still doing what it is best at.

Mike Kong said...

haha patut la ammar ko nak ikut style dia...hahaha coz u like the new driver's style!! hahaha (mike's on dengki mode) muahahahaha


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