Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Out Of Petrol. Again.

For the third time, the car stalled on a roadside due to empty tank. Gosh I really need to fix the faulty fuel gauge or I might be having another breakdown moment. This time it happened at Putrajaya. So I post up at Facebook for some SOS. A few friends respond, and one of them do come to help. During the waiting period, I walked around 1km plus to reach the petrol station.

Luckily I'm using an iPhone, so can online anywhere coz subscribed to Maxis Internet Package, and also thanks to it, I can Google my location almost anywhere.

Thank you faulty gauge!

And this brother come to rescue me. Sorry I forgot your name. But big thanks for coming down to help me. Nice stock KE70.

Yeah I bought the bottle just in case it happened again.

RM5 of RON97.

Really need to fix the faulty gauge. Gotta do it before I got back to Johor Bharu. Seriously, I cant live without the iPhone. Hoho. A lot of things can be done through it. Really worth buying it.


nazlihaffiz said...
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Temujin said...

The 'brother' in the KE70 is Ahmad Nezam who goes by the nick zamad97 in ZTH.. He also owns a 4-door R34 which he just brought back from NZ..

Amer A. said...

hahaha senasib :P

Rosso said...

Aaa yes, baru ingat his name is Nezam. Was calling him Abg Nizam. Very humble guy.
4-doors R34.. Remind me of DriftDaddy. Hehe.

Amer, tu lah. Geram betul..


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