Tuesday, December 21, 2010

MARDI Private Session.

It happened last week actually but I was still kinda not in da mood to post shits. Right now kinda have a lil mood so its time to do bulk post again! So them, Mike, Cheryl, Hafiz, his friend and Uncle Yap were having a private session at MARDI. And me? As usual, being a busy body dude, I went there too. Just wanna go 'lepak' and NO drifting. That was the early intention. Yeah, you can rent MARDI track for private use at RM100 per day.

Cheryl, drifter girl in the making.

Uncle Yap ready to go back coz got some work to do. Hafiz wandering around.

Newly acquired KE70. Hafiz's car is put up for a proper use, sideways. Not like others, posers. Kekeke. No offense there. Not all, but some. My sifu already told me, its normal to have some posers among all. Its just me who cant accept it yet. Yeah, was having PMS recently. So kinda anything not related also got blamed.

See them just throwing away the tires just like that. Dayumm..

Some other photos shot by Naufal and also Kimi. Thanks you guys! Really awesome output as usual.

Mikey giving out some tips.

Checking out Uncle Yap's car before he went back. Yeah I took his spot when he went back. :P

Mikey giving a hand to Hafiz.

Again, another help. Really helpful fella.

My turn helping Hafiz. He was too tired to do anything that day.

Rolla's current stance. Looks like Rolla is heading to JDM direction now. Bad ass enough?

Some close up shots.

Aah, anyway, after riding with Hafiz for a few rounds, giving out some driving tips and shits, end up I cant stand the G force feeling, so what the hell. My turn to trash Rolla on track. Yes, with the semi slick! Daily setup of the fuel pressure is 2.8 bar, and normally for sideways, I increase it to 3.4 bar.

Current engine bay looks. I wish it could be wire-less. But yes, I am satisfied with current layout.

Some sideways action. Damn the slick was very grippy. Really can full throttle all the way. Grippy when sideways, awesome. Yeah, manage to complete the full course without straighten. The stock Blacktop is really a worth the buck.

I rarely give people to drove Rolla, especially when going sideways. But since Mikey promise to be gentle on the throttle, I let him drove lah. I remember on the previous session, he bang a cone and dented my front spoiler and hood. Hehehe. Gotta belanja me teh tarik then I'm okay with it. :P

And the only person I trust during tandem/tsuiso, is Mike. Yeah, always tandem with him when I got guts to do so. Some handicapped tandem coz I asked Mike to stay back a bit just in case. You gotta sit with Mikey first then you'll know how crazy he can be during sideways.

Aaah, anyway, some on board video. Just a simple run.

And its time to go back. Love this shot. Really Japanese feels.

And after some teh tarik session, on the way back, my slick gave up already. Damn it. There goes the slick. Luckily I bought spare tires.

Aah, anyway, I got 2 units of 15' tires for sale or swap with 14'. Bought it on last October, here's the link. Only done around 3000km and two drift events. Thread should be around 80% left. Brand is Kumho Ecsta XT with profile 195/50/15. Traction is AA, temperature is A and tread wear is 280 or is it 320 I forgot. Do call me if you are interested. I'm not using 15' anymore so better let it go.


Big_Shat said...

drifter chick...2 thumbs up!

zamildrift said...

Yes aku terasa! Finally. Hahahaa lolol. Anyway semalam kau gerak tak Putra Heights?

Rosso said...

Big Shat, yeah she finally can linked all the corners.

Zam, popopopo. No comments. Kekeke. Yes, we did went there. Yes, kena tahan. Yes, tak kena saman. Yes, video ada. Wait for it.. HD lagi tu.

zamildrift said...

Takpe, at least aku still lenjan kereta aku instead of showcar wahaha so yeah. Half poser la kot.

Anyway cepat upload! Ape ayat kau daa tak kena tahan.

Rosso said...

Lulus ady la. Since you can go sideways. Just teasing you la brother.

Coz bos dia lalu and just ask to leave. The officer really wanna saman n etc la. Fuuhh.. My first and last drifting on public place..


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