Thursday, December 9, 2010

Update Progress = AE86 Fuel Tank into a KE70.

Okay so here's some progress today after Din drop by and swap me with his analog float:

The top one is digital float. And the bottom one is analog float.

Another shot between both of em. Note that the blue cover is digital type.

And here's comparison between the original KE70 float on the left and AE86 analog float on the right.

Head cover comparison.

And here's some basic color guide for the socket. The bottom one is white/black color, right side is red/yellow, and the left one is blue/yellow. And now, my fuel gauge is working. Everything settled.

And close encounter.. Almost. Almost. Luckily didn't hit Dad's car.


Amer A. said...

benda float ni sume fuel tank sama ke ? sbb aku pnye pun dah rosak. so fuel gauge dah tak function.

Rosso said...

Float KE70 = For KE70 only.
Float AE86 =
*Digital for digital.
*Analog for any analog meter.

Aku pakai meter AE101, float AE86 analog, boleh jalan..

Amer A. said...

tq for the info. sorry bnyk tanya. baru nk blajar ni..

Rosso said...

No problem. Anything wanna ask can call me terus pun okay.

Rosso said...

Actually meter minyak aku still tak betul. Coz bila on aircond, dia naik about 1/4 of the gauge. I suspect wiring faulty.

Solution? Aku beli aftermarket fuel gauge. Cuma tak sempat pasang lagi. Wiring tarik baru so that can monitor fuel level more safely.

Cara lain? Always isi minyak. Aku pun dua kali dah tersadai sebab habis petrol.

Amer A. said...

hehe kalau habis petrol dlm town takpe lagi. ini kena kat highway.

takpe nnti dah pasang aftermarket pnye fuel gauge tu update la kt blog. leh tngk gak cmne rupe nye, cmne nak pasang n beraka kos.

thanks weh.


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