Tuesday, December 7, 2010

AE86 Fuel Tank into a KE70.

Holiday month! That's it. Finished my 1st semester and its time to do a lot of things as planned. Okay, so I had been holding up some stuffs that I wanna fit it into Rolla, and now its time to do it. First of all, is the AE86 fuel tank. Got it with a friend's help at a very affordable price.

There's few stuffs that is up for sale, like these but check on the Junkyard later aite?

And others like battery box, cut off switch, fuel gauge meter, and etc. The priority is the fuel tank coz I cant stand the fuel fume and heavy consumption anymore.

Its for NS60 size. Unfortunately mine is NS70. So gonna keep it until its time to switch to a new battery. Oh, in case anyone wanna order it, the price is RM240.

Spare blow-off, spare fuel regulator, fuel gauge, spot light, cut off switch, and catch tank . Gonna sell most of it.

Some spacers for the Equip 01 coz currently at +0 offset, it still rub with the caliper.

And finally the Equip 01. Had been keeping it like 6 months I guess. Still dunno when I'll fit it.

 So, today I went to Jeembo's Garage to fit in the tank. Jack em up!

Tank kinda heavy coz still got a lot of fuel in it.

After the tank was removed, here's the comparison between the AE86 (Black) fuel tank and the KE70 (Brown) tank.

Almost identical except that one is for carb and the other one is for injection. And the AE86 tank got some slight bump on the lower side, and the inlet have different angle. Other than that, almost the same.

Here's the KE70 inlet.

And the AE86 inlet. Initially we thought that it can be swapped on each other, unfortunately no.

And as expected, it does not fit nicely. So from here we can now know if the car is using AE86 fuel tank or not just by looking at the nozzle cap position. Here's the original hole. And to fit the tank, some force needed to hold the tank when aligning the inlet. Original KE70 bracket can be used back to fit in the AE86 fuel tank. Plug and play for that.

 So need some trimming in order to make some room.

Final position of the fuel cap. A bit low but it works.

Cover the gap with silicone rubber and its good to go!

Here comes another thing that need attention; the float lever. Ipin told me if the float cap color is blue, that it is for digital meter of AE86. Which mean, I cant use it since mine is analog meter, plus its from AE101 meter cluster. So we tried to wire em, and yes, confirmed, not working. So now we knew another thing that the blue cap is for digital meter. Lucky Din Longchamp coz he had been searching this digital float quite awhile for his TE71. So, I'm gonna give it to him then.

Comparison between the original KE70 float and AE86 digital float.

The mechanism is different.

Another thing that we discovered is that the KE70 float can be fit into the the AE86 tank. Ipin told me to use it back if I do not have the AE86 analog float. Shown here when the float had been fitted in.

Final position of the cap.

And finally my regulator is back to normal! Set it back at 3bar +/-. No more 6 bar pressure. Test the car with some sideways action, and more good news for me. No more fuel surge, no more noisy pump, and the best part is no more petrol smell. My lung can stay healthy now. And, the KE70 float does not work with the fuel gauge. Which mean, I gotta swap with AE86 analog float. Din have it and I'm gonna swap with him.

And some teaser, Muahahaha *Evil laugh*. Most of them voted for flat black color. Weng Chung said put it a bit angled at the plate number holder. I said? Let the hoses out and make it pass thru the right headlamp. Yummy! Coming soon!
The conclusion:
*AE86 & KE70 tank design are almost the same.
*KE70 bracket can be used for AE86 fuel tank.
*KE70 float can be fitted into the AE86 tank, BUT mine is not working.
*Yes, AE86 fuel tank is a necessary for your 4A-GE unless you can bear with the external pump, some fuel smell, and fuel surge.

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