Friday, April 8, 2011

Successful Surgery.

Finally got a time to finished up the paint job and with the job completed, I'd say the project is done successfully now.

Backtrack, while the overfender was painted with white color.

And the next day tried to fit it in, the color was perfectly the same. Really worth my RM22 can spray. By far that is the most expensive spray can I ever bought.

And for today's work, started a bit late around 4pm. Kinda rushing coz the weather is great. Sunny and hot. Suitable condition for spraying job.

Took me almost 40minutes to wrap the car.

And few hours later, after many coats from the white color to the clear coat, its done. Looks nice without the bumper.

Oh, the rare grill had arrived. Unfortunately KE74 trim does not fit the KE76 grill. Damn it. But luckily the bracket holes are the same as KE74, just a bit longer. So I'll cut it a bit to force fit em.

And the results. Not bad for a half ass paint job.


mhd faris said...

pergh! kau dah mcm tuner kt US la.

Rosso said...

Tuner apanye? Nak bukak oil filter pun fail. LOLOLOLOL.

Immmmmaaa poser! Poser for life!


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