Friday, April 22, 2011


I am always pity to those Malay salesman over Chinese salesman because I know Chinese can become very excellent in doing sales (IMHO) over Malay salesman. So during my visit when searching for a bike, I decided to help those Malay salesman by purchasing a bike from them.

Here's the common problem with Malay seller, most of them are lazy bum, always make promises which most of it are fake hope and empty promises, and not really serious in doing their job. And vice versa for Chinese seller. For Nimota bikes, most of the salesman are Malays. So after checking out Demak DTM and DMX-R from few Chinese shop, I opt the Nimota. Yes the bike is cheaper, and yes I was trying to help the Malay seller.

Yes, Chinese seller offer the bike a bit expensive to me over Malay seller. But I was like "Okaylah, help those Malays make some sale." even though the Chinese shop offer more goodies with their a bit expensive price tag. While the shop I dealt with, no offer. Just the bike. No fancy helmet or what ever.

So after paying deposit, the next day he text me saying that the bike will arrive tomorrow and he already booked my plate number which is the traditional 3345 number with Johore plates, JMV 3345. He insisted me to pay full payment so that can get the bike faster. So I was like "Okaylah.."

Wait the next day, no news. So I thought maybe delay one or two days. Next few days still no news, seller said next week only the bike will arrive. So okay I wait lah.

Next week, still no news, called him and he told three more days. So wait for couple more days. Next three days, he said bike will arrive next week..

And the next week is last Thursday which I finally decided I am going to force the seller to have my bike no matter what. I do ask the main supplier for Nimota and they told me the bike only will enter port by this Sunday. Which mean only by next week the bike will be in show room. And they told me the waiting list is like three months long. And I book it for like three weeks.

When I went to the shop, they said my name was not in the waiting list so I was like "Defak is diz shit?" Dissapointed, I waited at the shop for the whole day demanding explanation. Some more my booked plate number was gonna expired coz its been too long.

So I was like fucklah, I am taking Demak no matter how slow it is. He tried to swing there swing here to wait for the Nimota but I still insist I am going to take Demak and I want it by tomorrow or I want the money back.

And here is today, I waited from 10am at the shop and waiting for him to order the Demak. By 4pm only the bike finished inspection and the saddest part is that my 3345 number is gone. Now the number is 6xxx. So defaklah. I want the bike with whatever plate number. And since the documents cannot be done today, I shall wait till tomorrow morning.

So here's the bike. Why DMX-R over DTM? Coz its cheaper and its simple design. Plus DMX-R comes with off road tires, hence it is cheaper. DTM comes with motard tires.

Why orange sial? Coz your rims color ke bro? Because that's the only color available thanks to the lousy Malay salesman I decided to take Demak with whatever color available. So defak lah. I want the bike no matter what.

So first thing first, devirginize the bike. Asked them to remove the mudguard and also the tail lamp.

Swap to this thing. LED tail lamp with plate number holder. This is for Kawasaki KLX I think. But can custom fit into the DMX-R. No more ugly mud guard.

And replace those weird side mirror to a smaller one. Sticker will be removed next.

The bike was sooo tall till I cant reach it so the front fork was dropped till I can sit on it properly. Boy, the bike is heavy and it felt weird riding a tall bike. Torque is good, but the ratio is too high I think. No top speed, even EX-5 can overtake me now. Ghahaha. Suits for offroad fun maybe?

Conclusion? I will try not to deal with Malay salesman after this.


Amer A. said...

pasal sales man melayu vs chinese tu mmg betul la. tak boleh buat ape. bukan kita tak nak tolong diorg, tapi diorg yg taknak tolong diri sendiri =.="

Rosso said...

True that. Nak buat cemana, kaum kita memang pemalas. Tak payah tengok orang lain, tengok diri sendiri. Hahaha.


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