Sunday, April 17, 2011

Squeeky Clean.

I am back in KL. But without Rolla since I am lazy to drove it back. At the moment, my Sparco seat is still at a cushion shop. Re wrapping it back, this time with black fabric and I'll put it on the passenger side. Gotta be lucky to sit on a refurbish seat while me still on the used Bride seat. Sigh. Most of the time its Mok who' siting there so why not.

And I shall drive back dad's Wish since the semester gonna end. So two cars and two bikes in JB? Ghahaha. Not bad for one driver.

Anyway, Mok did something for Rolla today. She washed the car and waxed it.

Waxed! Time to buy a car cover and put Rolla on rest mode.

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