Monday, April 25, 2011

First Day..

Well, today is the day that I got my bike. Officially this is my first brand new automobile that has my name on the grant. Previously, its all used old cars. Hahaha. Oh. anyway, thanks to my parents for giving me a loan to buy the bikes. Now its RM200 per month for 2.5 years I guess. The bike is RM6000 plus minus.

After paying the balance, I went to Mok's house to have some lunch and also picking up my stuffs and helmet. Oh, I ordered my Scram helmet already from other shop. It haven't arrived yet. So for now, I am using my full face helmet that I used for drifting.

Went back to my campus and the first place that I went is the UTM's Horse Quarantine Point which is a horse quarantine place, our chili farm, our quail breeding place but our quail had been cooked recently, cow, goat and etc. Basically its a farm/forest of UTM. Tested the trail here. Quite scary for a first time. Some more I still havent fully get used to the clutch and its gear

Circled the whole farm for like five or six times till its 7pm.. Quite fun? I do enjoy doing it. Definitely will be going back here tomorrow. The challenge is unpredictable. Better than drifting IMHO.

Mok tried the bike too. She can sit properly on the bike unlike me. She has long legs while I don't. In other words, I am short.

My feedback on the so called lame Demak?
*The acceleration is good. First to second to third is good. Fourth and fifth acceleration are almost useless after reaching 80km/h to 90km/h which mean this is not a suitable bike for long distance trip unless you are willing to stay on the 100km/h speed.
*The gear change is smooth. Clutch is still heavy to pull maybe because its new. I just cant reach the N gear with the engine running. I have to stay on first gear and shut the engine down and then only I can switch to N. And also the 'N' green light always on.
*The rear suspension is too stiff I think. Felt the rear was shaking like mad during offroad.
*Steep hill? No problemo! Can stay on second gear during climbing.
*Full fuel tank cost me RM17 plus minus. Some people claimed it can cover up to 200km plus with full tank. Will try it. But the LOL thing is that the bike does not have fuel gauge! Only fuel tank and a reserve switch that I must turn on if the main tank is dried out.
*Bike will be 'dancing' if there is wind or lorry pass by. Maybe due to its tall figure?
*The exhaust heat shield is not sufficient. My right leg was basically BBQ-ed during riding it.

So far I am pleased with its acceleration. No top speed is not a problem as I am using it mostly in the campus. The rest; I'll do some write up after more mileage the bike will done.

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