Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pretty Much Done..

Today felt like finishing the job so here's some progress. Seriously without mood, I cannot do it. That's why it is pretty slow progress. Plus I am a busy person (Ahaks!).

Paint stripping. Safety first! Glove only. Should wear long sleeve, long pants and something to cover up my face.

Old silicone that I used years ago had harden. So bought a new silicone sealant.

The RX3 grill had been resprayed to black color.

Here's the almost finish parts of RX3. Quite happy when it shine.

Fitting back the lense with new sealant.

Should be water-tight now.

Now only left the fitting of the cover and walla, it's new!

Some AutoSol will bring the shine back. Hopefully.

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