Saturday, June 11, 2011

Project RX808 : Began.

Anyway, the project had already began last week actually. Just I kept the story till I got some updates so that I can put some photos with it.

Here's the project car owner, Farhan. He owned the car and pretty much everything. So where did I fit in? The one who will finished the project with my creativity (Hopefully) with a budget given. We went to Ipoh to find some stuffs. Met him up there after my Pangkor trip.

He found a replacement hood for the car.

All the goodies I took back home.

Oh, I still haven't shared the car's photo. Here it is. Currently still in Perak for bodywork process. While waiting, I can restore all the parts.

I hope I can finished the project this time.With this, I am pleased to tell y'all that my old blog of Bumble Bee is gonna filled with the car's process.


fozan-love gethuk said...

hi bro nice project...btw aku ada 808 4door..mane ko carik tail lamp,..gril depan ngan tapak lampu depan (rx3?)tu ek..boleh terus pnp ek ke 808 ke?

Rosso said...

tail lamp kat ipoh banyakkkkkkk. rege pun mahal gak lah.

grill, tapak lampu or muke rx3 tu pnp kot. With minor mods. Bumper 808 depan tak brape ngam ngan nosecone RX3.


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