Sunday, June 26, 2011

Offroad Session.

Huargh. Imma tired. I got few properties listing that need my attention actually but been 'huuhaa' too much this weekend. Tomorrow gotta do all the works. Erghh.

By the way, today is the offroad session day. The session is once every two weeks. Some photos for today. Not much snapping due to rainy day. So gotta keep my hand phones and wallet in a plastic bag.

Kips. Improved version this time!

While waiting for others, we had our breakfast at Mamak.

One of the stop.

Had our lunch at the same restaurant like last time before heading back. Kinda rush coz it was raining. We didnt want to stuck inside the forest coz everything would be very slippery and dangerous.

Erghh, I wanna write more but I am very tired. Will post more tomorrow. Hehe.

Anyway, enjoy this. Crazy titanium ball seniors.

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