Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sg Long - Semenyih Trail Session.

First route was hill route. Up and down we go. Mostly dangerous downhill.

Waiting for everyone to arrive before hitting the first route.

Just around the corner when one of the fella fell down. So everyone stopped.

The hill route was the longest. I think we spent almost an hour plus inside I think. A barn (I think) as the last checkpoint of hill route and the starting of the rocky and narrow route. The next route would be the most challenging of all route.

We stopped just before the narrow hill route. Rocky route was pretty much shaking and slippery.

Steep. Very steep. Those DTM (Onroad version of Demak scrambler) cannot climb the hill due to smaller size sprocket while we DMXR (Offroad version of Demak scrambler) climb it without no problem.

Another stop. For our self to rest and for the bike to cool down after climbing.

Just before the exit of the trail, there were another group gathering here as the last checkpoint. Pretty much all kind of scrambler. From the slowest (us) to the fastest bike around. Not to mention beautiful chicks also!

Sorry for you mate coz you stuck there. 

Have our lunch at the lake and its time to go back. Here's one of the unique bike (Kawasaki Kips they called it) that was in our group.

Get out of the track by 6.30pm after one of us crashed. Quite slow due to shortage of one rider. So we sent the bike out, then returned back to the group and brought him out. 

There's another session next week. Hopefully I can participate.

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