Monday, June 6, 2011

Demak oo Demak.

Like seriously, I really should have opted Kawasaki. This Demak bike really getting on my nerve. Other than leaking, I also found out that my rear brakes almost jammed when I was at service centre.

The left cover that leaked.

I thought it was only leaking because of loose screw, it actually already broke from inside. Such quality eh?

So them replaced new cover and repair the rear brake. Also replaced my brake switch coz it also failed to function. Really piece of crap but luckily the service centre in Gombak replaced it without much question.

Went to Hulu Yam after that. With Mok of course. Hill climb was terrible, others was breeze.

Few days later I opted the Racing Boy handle bar since the original one is way too long for street navigation. Also bought a padding for the handle bar. Felt good during heavy traffic and during off road.

Also bought my dream helmet. Yeah its just LS2. But since it got visor, I really want it. Coz I wear spectacle which is troublesome to wear goggle and helmet. So I opt the limited edition design, the flat black. Bought along together with black visor.

Found a place to get some dirt action in Cheras. Brought along my brother so that he can learn riding the bike.

Not long before he fell off and dent the bike.

Myself enjoying some jump.

Next day was even better as few friends joined us for the session.

Cant wait for the next session!

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