Friday, February 5, 2010

Boost Leaking.

So as usual, on Thursday I will return to home for the weekend. Also finally took Rolla from the painter. When I got the car back, the first thing I noticed that the engine felt like shit. Total shit. Worse that Bee's engine after overhauling.

And the fuel gauge had been fixed. What happen was some paint got in into the socket. So Jimmy fix it up already. I noticed that Jimmy had touch up most of the flaw. Thanks man. And I got my batter back. Just a misplace issue.

When I arrived at home, took my DSLR and snap some photos. Gosh, I didn't regret spending RM5000 on the 50D.

Gosh, I love GL tail lamp. Looks wider than DX version.

See ma Super Duper Ultra bracket for the lip! The reason? The lip flew yesterday at highway. Hahahahaha. See the broken area? No I will not touch up it. I will leave it there as it will remind me to be careful on bump and uneven road next time.

Then on afternoon, the plan was to go to the wiring shop, to change my front rims, and to go for a test drift with Ejat. When he arrived, I took him for a spin. And shit happened. The engine was shitter that before. So we went to my home again. And I found out that the hose at the intercooler already detach from the clip. Torn some more. FUCK!

All plan was canceled and we removed all the piping.

Nah! All the hoses, my blow off valve and the big hose is from my air intake. All were in bad shape.

Went to a local aftermarket shop and bought some replacement stuffs. The first one is T Clamp from ZAP for the air intake. RM15 per clamp.

For the hoses, I opt the Samco hoses. And since my budget was a bit tight, I didn't buy new clamp for it. Gosh Samco hoses are expensive. RM30 for one piece.

Went back to fit it in. And found out again that the ZAP T-clamp didn't ngam. Fed up, we went to a local hardware and buy these freakin cheap clamp for the air intake. RM2 per piece. And it fit like a charm.

One hour after trying to fit the new hoses into the intercooler and piping, it is ready to roll.

Results? Engine performance is back to normal. Even runnin on 1 bar also no more problem now. Conclusion? Boost leaking can fuck up your day and your engine. Never knew that this issue can cause a lot of symptoms and almost ruin my mood. Rolla is back to normal. Performance was like usual. Causes? I guess the painter didn't tighten up all the hoses. That's all.

So? We headed to the Karunmas to test drift! Ejat is with his KE70 5.2k powered by DGAV Weber and me with Rolla. Just a few laps coz we didn't bring spare tires.

The test run:


Stanley Carter said...

Ross, your KE70 is looking hella mint! And nice consistent figure 8s there! Props!

Rosso said...

Thanks buddy!

Did not enjoy the drift coz no spare tires.


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