Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How Much Sir?

Just a survey. And to spice up the blog. Kekeke.

Some info bout the car..

Toyota Corolla KE70.
1981 made.
DX model.
Engine conversion from 4k to 4A-GE Silver top 20valve.
Bolt on turbo modification.
CA18DET piston. Previous owner claimed the internal had been strengthen/rebuild for turbo.
IHI turbo.
Thermal wrap.
Fuel regulator.
External fuel pump x 2.
Surge tank.
Battery relocated to boot.
Simota open pod air filter.
Oil catch tank.
Voltage stabilizer.
Sheep dog blow off valve.
New Samco hoses for intercooler.
JPJ endorsed.

S13 front caliper and disc.
JIC Magic adjustable high-low front.
AE86 absorber and coil rear.
AE86 4.3 welded diff.
Adjustable pillow ball.

Full bucket Sparco for driver.
Semi bucket from Starlet EP for pasengger.
Momo dish steering.
Meter cluster from Silvertop halfcut (AE101?)
Water temp gauge.
HKS boost meter.
Turbo timer.
4-point harness for driver.

New paint. Honda Type R Championship White.
Bodywork done. Floor had been anti-rusted, and welded.
Custom vented hood.
Bonnet pin.
Fender mirror.
New tail lamp.
New badges.
New signal lamp.
New front and rear chrome bumper.
New rubber cover for bumper.
New grill.
New headlamp cluster.
6500k white/blue bulb.
Front chin spoiler.
Spare wide fender. One side is damaged.

A set of 15' x 7j Fondmetal rim.
A pair of 15' x 7j Advan Oni rim.
A pair of 13' x 7j Kiwi rim.
1inch Japan spacer for front.

The question is, how much are you willing to pay for this car?

p/s : From now on, I am stopping my mocking post. Kekeke. Found out that some of the readers are annoyed with my post and some of em think I am too over with it. So clean writeup from now on. I'll not delete the previous post on what not. Just an improvement for the blog. Good for my name too. Cheers!


ellmiesupreme said...

hahahah ape kes nie mar..
sape yg annoyed kat post kau..
kiteorng suka je..hehe

Rosso said...

Adelah orang komplen. Sapela aku nak ngutuk orang. Kekeke.

Zambrota said...

Ni la orang, dengki tak abis2.Bukannya pakai duit dia.
Rosso, jgn give-up, aku selalu follow citer kau. Jgn peduli diorang tu. Satu lagi, jangan pandang belakang. Drift must go-on, bro!

Rosso said...

Kekeke. Someone actually got interested with the car and might be coming to see the car first. LOL. If the offer is good, why not? Hehehe.

Time to upgrade!!


Mana ada story pun.. :D


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