Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Paint Done, BUT..

Well, as per title, Rolla had been painted. Some photos to share:

Bad ass enough? Love the 50D! Awesome photo from it!

While polishing it.

Looks good but..


Also asked the paint shop to clear coat the rims.

When I took the car back, I felt the car is not performing and behave like usual. What I found and felt were:

*When I send the car, the battery's brand was SHOGUN. When I got it back, the brand is different, plus the voltage was too low till car cant start. So I asked him to find my battery back. No way I am gonna take the flat battery.

*Got flaw here and there on the paint's surface such as unevenness or dripping. Already asked him to touch it up again.

*Aircond is not cold anymore.

*Fuel gauge suddenly become faulty. Not working anymore.

*Boost is leaking. I can feel it when the boost reach 0.5 and above. I suspect the hose is worn out or maybe the T Clamp is damaged. Whenever the boost reach 0.5, the engine suddenly became like it is moving with 3 pistons only.

*All lights are out. Even the 3rd brake lamp. Hmm.

So I send back the car for a touch up job now. And since he's not gonna fix most of the problem happened during at his hand, I guess I have to send Rolla to wiring shop tomorrow. My feeling? Not so happy now. Still on examination week, plus these lil problem annoyed me too. Huargh.

Anger management, anger management.. x_x


Da Devil said...

wtf...he switch ur battery?damn

aircond nt cold,check ur compressor,mayb swap it ady oso much for the paintjob?

kinda frustrated oso when u got ur car bck in this situation

Kyle said...

Its very very good looking now. But damn those workshops that are dishonest and with bad workmanship.

Rosso said...

Never mind. I took it positively. Maybe he forgot which one is my battery. Maybe etc etc.


Rosso said...

Paint job + arch + hood = RM1300.


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