Monday, February 15, 2010

Day before Genting Trip.

Sorry for dissapearing for awhile. Initially I was busy doing some work at home, and then the problem came. Tootache that ruined a few days in my life. And today I finally decided to go to the dentist and ouch, one of my precious teeth had been removed. And I need to go back to the dentist for some 'touch up' work. Ouch again soon.

Anyway, here's the day before my Genting Trip last week.

I arrived at Jeembo's Garage early in the morning so that the foreman, Man can check out my car before other cars came.

Kay's 5k engine in rebuilding process. Wireless yo!

Since Rolla is DX, and the new tail lamp is GL version, the socket need some modification in order to light it up.

Asked them to tidy up the wiring too. Nice. I like it.

The reserve tank had been replaced at the corner of my engine bay. And while Man was busy doing the wiring job, I borrowed a blower and clean up my engine bay. Now, no more dust but messy.

I cleaned up the air filter too.

Yeah. Done. This is the reason why I love GL tail lamp. Looks good when it is lit up.

And to get more JDM feels, I swap the current bulb with this white-blue-ish bulb. Grant Scotts prove it that white/blue bulb looks good with Corolla.

Also bought a wax from Turtle Wax and Rain X.

Swap my current rim with the orange rims too.

And while checking the engine bay, I opened up the radiator cap and found out that the water inside was rusty. So I ask Man to drain all of em.

And opt this coolant from Toyota. Claimed to be one of the best coolant in town.

Tested the car. Barely reaching 60. I don't have thermostat by the way.

And while waiting, found a few interesting stuffs.

Jeembo's new ride. I forgot the model, but its look like an E30 coupe with soft top and also Targa Top. Nice rim as usual.

SR20DET 'bongkok'.

4AGE 16valve.
Not one, but two of em. Any 4AGE lover would be angry with these. Hahaha.

And one of the crazy project currently is fitting this 1jz (Manual yo~) inside a TA22 Celica. Need to cut the firewall and gearbox tunnel in order to fit this beast in.

And this 'brand new' Corolla KE35 is up for sale. Everything had been stripped to bone and carefully refurbish. From top to bottom including the engine. Fully overhauled. Even the longshaft and axle are orange color. Open price is RM5000 highly negotiable. Call Jeembo himself if you are interested.

Jeembo, 012 952 5415.

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