Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Genting Trip Photos.

Nothing much. Just an achievement for Rolla coz enduring the torture during the holidays. Here's some photos taken with Canon EOS 50D.

Night before the trip. Was having my late dinner with Enche Azrin along with his Freedoms Crew, Lan and Ipin. Mark II 1jz powah!

The next day, I decided to travel alone with my Rolla while my parents were with Toyota Wish. Shots were taken at SMS Hulu Selangor. Pickin up my lil twin brother here.

Testin my camera. My parents a.k.a my mentor in everything. Love them!

Another shot. Awesome depth of field using this 18-135mm lens.

Finally approved by my mom. Kekeke. She still prefer new car though.

We were using the old route to Genting (the Ulu Yam road I guess). Love the winding road. Not busy, cool breezing air, and we do enjoy driving all the way up. And we arrived at the hotel.

Rolla was here. I'm glad it didn't cause any problem during the trip.

Our room was at 28th floor if Im not mistaken. And this shot was taken at the Awana restaurant. Golf club resort, cool air, definitely I'll be back here soon.

My lil twin brothers. Not so twin I guess.

Tested Rolla going up the Genting for two times. One at 3pm and the other one was at 12am. The 3pm cruising video can be found here. The night run was the deal. Brought over one of my friends at the business and off we go. Drifting uphill. Temp was good, the feel was good, the handling was good, and everything was good. Thank God.

Anyway, some photos during at the peak. Japan inspired shots. Still got no time to do a proper photo shoot session with Rolla.

Attempt 1.

Attempt 2. Still got a few more photos, but my laziness strike! So this two should be enough.

The tight hairpin.

My parents were having a high level training there actually. The business running pretty good I guess. Dad will take unpaid leave for a year this March. Rm130k last month should do it. While mine a bit drop but still overpaid for a student. In case anyone missed it, y'all can visit this page for more info.

Dad giving some inspirational talk to the kids of SMS Hulu Selangor.

And we went home the next day. We, the kids do have fun there. I'll definitely will go there again. And I missed the outdoor park at Genting. Rainy season. Indoor park sucks. And that's that.


Stanley Carter said...

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I like the Attempt 1&2 pics so much, I am now asking for wallpaper pls!! LOL!

Rosso said...

Wallpapers are after this post. Grab em.

Will try to do more wallpaper section soon! Thanks for asking Stan.


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