Sunday, February 21, 2010

Last Day with Rolla.

Last day before I go back to my college today. Huargh. Really didnt have mood to bring it for a spin. Thanks to the engine issue. But today Rolla decided to behave properly and not like the usual 'coughing', or 'farting'. Hahaha. Suitable term aite?

Anyway, since February is the month that I am not gonna spend my RM on car, I bought a few stuffs instead. A 'proper' speaker for movie, music and games, an ergonomic mouse and keyboard for a better and comfortable typing and holding the mouse.

And also a large rear view mirror since the fender mirror isn't much helping. This is not consider spending RM on modding or upgrading ya! 'Just for my safety' upgrade.

And some cleaning kit. Since this whole week was a holiday, why not do it myself? And it is a tiring job. It had been a while since my last time cleaning my own cars.

Asked my lil bro to drove Rolla around as the car had not been moving for awhile. And to be honest, sitting on the passenger seat is much better than driving it. The G force feel is better on the passenger side, and I don't have to press the heavy clutch pedal. Hahaha.

And in support of Freedoms Crew, here's the 'limited edition' of Freedoms Crew stickers! It comes in three color, white, black and gray. Choose your favourite!

And I choose the white color. The first ever sticker sticked on Rolla.

The tint looks pretty dark. I'm not sure whether this is a 30% tint as the shop told me earlier. Anyway, last photo of Rolla before the car is parked inside my house and will be kept/parked for awhile until further notice. Hope the car enjoy the break!

Anyway, I am already missing driving it. Hahaha.
Sounds gay for sho.

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zamildrift said...

Takpe, lain kali ko datang TTDI ko jadi passenger lagi biar aku push huahuahua.


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