Thursday, June 3, 2010

First Project in June.

Okay. How to start a great June? Me? Cough, fever, and sore throat! Yay. It had been few days already the cough. Damn it.

So basically Rolla just came back. After the engine rebuild, found out that Rolla's not charging efficiently. So send it back to JMG and new alternator fitted in and more grounding added. And JMG even polished Rolla. As good as new now.

Passenger get a full hugging treatment and a harness for more comfort during sideways. Had been keeping it for a long time. 

New stuff again! Big thanks to Mike for pointing this stuff to me.

Basically the cam can be fitted almost anywhere. And since there is no suction cup given, I took it from my sun reflector and modified the camera base. And taraa. I got myself a suction base for the cam. Shown here at helmet.
Exterior? Almost anywhere. And one of the base I had rigged it to the roll cage.
The video test?

Okay that's all for today. Really excited for June! Hope everything go as planned and according to my wish. Fooooo!

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