Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pick of the Month.

Bye-bye Forever by Chris Brown. Since there's nothing 'forever' with it. Only bad memory with that song. Hahaha. Sorry but honestly whatever related with 'it', I wanna remove it.

Hello 'If We Ever Meet Again'!

Initially when I heard it for the first time, I didn't catch the title. Am loving it, and I had been repeating the same song ever since. And few friends asked me whether I love this song because of the title for somebody or what?

Told ya when I heard it first, I didn't catch the title. But somehow, I mean accidentally, I think it is meant for somebody. Har har har. Whatever lah. Thank God for whatever happened in the past.

I believe when I lost something/someone, and some more smelly shitted as a bonus, I will get something/someone better in the future. Or for what ever reason, I believe it is for my own good. So, enjoy while I can!

And speaking of which, my video of the month; WASSSABI! Oh I miss Sushi King.

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