Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So Much of Corolla..

Hahaha. UNFORTUNATELY due to technical problems with Puspakom, I cant transfer the new owner's name. Didn't want to talk much bout it coz still pissed off, I think I had been cheated, here's what I learned today when buying a used car:

*Do the inspection yourself.
*If the previous owner offered to do the inspection himself, follow him.
*If he told you earlier that the car need to 'kawtim', ask him what thing need to be 'kawtim'.
*Check the engine bay properly. Up down left right, everything. Check for unusual shape or cut. As for mine, I noticed a lot of modification had been done to the body after half year with me.
*And the best part, check your engine number! Unlucky me again, there's problem there too.

So, what now!?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Definitely need to swap a new engine, or change the block. And then legalize it back, and? USE IT! There goes my new car. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Farkkkkkkkkk.

Surveying some engine now, might be 16v, or a normal 20v, Blacktop preffered. Damn damn damn. Whyla this happened now-few days before I off to JB? Fark fark fark...

Oh, been having a lot of run actually. Just didnt feel like posting it. So to the next post..

Corolla, me and miss A.


Rosso said...

Photo credit to Ariff.

Stanley Carter said...

Sucked to hear that, you really going to legalize it? Why not just treat it as a track car? So you won't need to spend more on the car...

Rosso said...

Legalize it back with a new engine, and then make it daily and running again.

Fwa fwa fwa.. What an adventure..


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