Friday, June 11, 2010

Corolla = Sold?

Yea. I guess Corolla will have a new owner pretty soon as I am sealing the deal maybe by tomorrow. So, this might be the last post bout Rolla here. If it is not sold, then I'm gonna keep maintaining it, and wait for it to be sold. Reason wise selling it? My mom told me, if I did not let it go, I will not focus on the business and lost focus. She told me to be in the 'desperate' position so that I will work harder to reach the aim, which of course I would want my very own Skyline. R34 would be the best.

Back then, this was the idea for Rolla.

It had been short-six months only. But I learned a lot with Rolla. So I'm wrapping up what I had been experiencing and feel bout Rolla, how I fell bout a rear wheel drive car, and how I experienced owning a modded car.

Shitty condition. Day 1!

First of all bout the pain of ' bolt-on turbo'. This is my first ever turbo machine. Really loved the G-force and the instant power burst. As y'all know, Rolla had only a lil lagg, therefore the power comes in almost instantly. Downside? A lil not okay here and there and there goes the performance. Maintenance wise pretty high as I needed to service pretty regularly, as short as 3000km to make sure the engine stays healthy. Plus I'm a weekend drifter. So gotta do what I had to keep it fit. Also, learned that without a proper tuning, the engine will not perform at its best. And I knew Rolla had not been dyno-ed and tuned properly. Rolla was running rich all the time. Filling her was a pain but it's worth the power. Estimated power for Rolla would be around 200+ hp. So I hope the new owner will do it for me. A Greddy E-Manage would be great. Standalone would be better of course.

Getting there..

And since it was modded purely for drifting, a sport which torture the car inside out, this is what I felt. Honestly, drifting is expensive. One weekend run would cost me at least 4 pieces of tires. 15' tires cost me around RM40-80 per piece if it is a second had pieces. Brand new Korean tire would cost me around RM150 per piece. Fuel would be around RM50-60 per day. And of course track fee would be around RM50. That would be the cost for the drift day. The aftermath? Sometimes, the car jerk, or maybe misfire. Sometimes the car would just die and would not start.

Collecting brand new stuffs and getting ready to be painted.

That lead to my third point. The countless workshop visit. Sometimes the wiring were shot here, not enough spark, this, here and there, even after the rebuild, still not on its best condition. I don't want to blame anyone, but I guess I am gonna go for a 'professional' shop after this. Specialized in what they do is good also. At least they know what they are doing. No more normal shop. All kind of it included. I rather pay one big sum rather than visiting a few times but pay for a cheaper price. Its always been true. Cheap things no good and good things doesn't come cheap.

New fresh color. The results that came out didn't reach my expectation level. A lot of flaw.

And then the experience of a rear wheel car. Rolla is still running with its well-known super loud axle. Welded diff that is stubborn to break. I was wishing it to be damaged so that I can swap it for an LSD. As a results, Rolla is noisy. Super loud. The eerie noise can be heard from a miles away. Okay, so rear wheel drive car is fun. Sideways can be done almost anywhere and any time. But, when it rains, the road became slippery. Then the downside of a welded diff. I gotta be super careful with the throttle so that the tail didn't snap out. So slow lane would be great during rainy day. When drifting, I still prefer a full lock welded diff compare to an LSD. Since the lock is all the time, I can easily maintained the drift compare to LSD that would 'open' at certain speed. Well, that would be my opinion of course. Had tested Din's 1.5 way and 2way LSD. So I guess I had tested all of it.

Rolla been abused weekly. Not so hard from me. Florescent orange livery era.
What's up with old school anyway? This is my second old school car after the Bumble Bee. What's wrong with old school? A curse? Or what? No matter how perfect the build for an old school, there will still be a problem. At least one. Therefore, I am quite upset actually. I was trying hard to maintain the car, yet it still caused problem at least once a week. Maybe it is because of myself too. Lack of knowledge about my own car. So cannot detect or avoid the problem that occurred or will occurred. And when it is problem, it cost money. Damn nice combination.

Tires, tires and more tires. Also equals more money to buy it.
Some said it is one of the most beautiful Corolla in town. Some said it need this and that. I'd say Rolla is at its best outlook state. What I had aimed from the day 1 had been fulfilled. Most of it. Few of the aims were getting Rolla on a magazine and I wish Rolla will be featured on a television screen. Well, did I reached what I aimed? So far yes I guess.

Featured in Pro Tuners in volume four and five.
And the photos of course by me.

And at the moment, Rolla is still in shooting for a movie called 'Kongsi'. Rolla's roll would be the bad guy's machine from what I heard.


Rigged and into to a movie finally!

And oh, finally. My last point bout Rolla. A modded ride. Modded is truly different from a true sport car. As for Rolla, it was transformed from a normal family oriented sedan into a weekend drift machine. When you mod it into something that it wouldn't meant to be, it became a mutated machine. What I'm trying to say is the feel is different from a true sport car. A modded one setup can be wrong from a true sport car that had been setup to do its thing. As for Rolla, the engine is not the original 4k engine. The front wheel drive Silvertop 4A-GE had been converted to a RWD engine, and some more force fed. And since this two sins had been done successfully, it doesn't feel as good as a normal RWD engine. I mean less problems, and less hassle if its a normal RWD engine. I fell in love with the 16v all this time. Especially the engine's roar. Tested the Din's TE71, KE70, an AE86 from friend of mine, and Rudy's RX-7. I can conclude that the coupe or a real sport car handle better than Rolla. Body roll is minimal, and the driving feel is different, solid.

A front plate finally! After getting a summon would be a great time to put it back. HAHAHA.

So what next? Nothing on my mind at the moment. Focusing on the business, and collecting more money day by day. That's the aim. Dad told me bout letting go Getz too. Maybe sell it, maybe give it to my grandparents in Kelantan. Dad told me that the cash from Rolla would be used for a down-payment for my next car maybe. Budget wise would be less than RM100k. Im thinking of a RWD machine..

I'll leave that to him to decide. But I still have to pay for my next car I guess. If yes, then I'll choose the Altezza. We'll see.


Rosso said...

Testing the Like button~

zamildrift said...

Bagus betul posting ni. Serius terharu aku bace. Kau ni diam diam ubi berisi, baru aku tau kenape kau cakap kete kau ni la tu la etc. Good post. Confirm aku bookmark.

Stanley Carter said...

Very nice post Amar, but if what you opt in the future is a true sports car, then you might want to reconsider the Altezza.

Maybe aim higher, buy a new car instead of 2nd handed one, ever considered to be different from the pack? Like... Hyundai Genesis Coupe? :P 0.000000000000002cents saje.. haha!

Rosso said...

Which part ek ko terharu Zam? Confuse aku. Kekeke. Nak kate aku ade sentap takde plak? :P Explain further sket Zam.

Stan, like I told ya, I still want my own Skyline one day. Altezza will be my daily ride. Not the abused one.

And since I owned a Hyundai, I know that Hyundai sucks big time. Say NO to Korean car.

hellioz said...



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