Friday, June 4, 2010

Around the Interweb.

I rarely got a good photo of myself. And lately been hanging out with fellow photographers, therefore increasing my chances of getting snapped and finally can view myself in some photos. Har har har.

Okay so its lame showing myself in photos. But what the hell, enjoy!

Shot were taken during the FX Open Drift Round 1 by Ariff and Naufal.

Elite Speedway is freakin hot.

I knew I lost a few kg during the weekend. Har har har. And fever as a bonus. 
Before doing some run inside the track with Ejat MIMC. Rudy gave me a chance to drove out his FC. Foo..

Another shot. Nice 350z by the way.

Inside the FC. Brap brap brap. Rotor is nice but does not suit my wallet especially when it came to feeding it.

The most fucking ultimate awesomeness photo by Ariff. Wide lens really fucked me inside out. And driving it inside the track is one good memory.

And testing the simulator Gran Turismo 4.

And since I had been hanging out a lot with Ariff lately, eating photo also got now. Wahaha.

Conclusion? You want your own photo, hang out a lot with them photographers. Hahaha. Anyway Ariff did this. Awesome no? Will definitely do this technique after this. Now the term sharing is caring really show its results.

How do we roll that day?

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