Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ipoh to KL.

What happened to me on Monday..

2pm - Went to JPJ to renew my road tax.
3pm - Done with JPJ thingy and Im on my way to Pudu to take a bus to Ipoh.
4pm - Reached and by 4.30pm Im on the bus.
8pm - Arrived in Ipoh. Wan Dreamers Vault pick me up and we went to his house.
10pm - Im808 arrived and he picked me up to Sungai Siput which is around 40km away from Ipoh.
11pm - Arrived at his house, get a few things fixed up and the car is ready! Yay. Im808 brief me up bout the car.

12am - Its Tuesday, and Im ready to go back to KL. Will took me 200km to reach KL.
3am - I am 70km away to reach KL and suddenly the car break down. No lights, no rev, nothing. Fuel pump and electric fan is out. I panicked and park the car on the roadside. Its dark, there's no car nearby and Im alone. Muahaha.
3.30am - Called the PLUS Peronda and they arrived. Towed me to the nearest R&R and I slept in the car till morning.
7am - A highway foreman came and try to fix and he blame the wiring for the failure of fuel pump and electric fan. He fixed it and there's no spark in the distributor. He gave up and towed me to the nearest workshop.
9am - Arrived, went for my breakfast and wait for the foreman to come.
10am - They started to find the problem source and found out that the contact point already out and one fuse already blow. Hahaha. The first foreman didn't check out the fuse.
12pm - I'm on my way back to KL with a hope the car will not break down again.
2.30pm - Arrived! Safe and sound!

Total traveling time : 13 hours for 200km trip! One hell of experience.

Early in the morning. I noticed that Bee's rear end sits much lower than front now.

At the workshop..

No more holes.

And no more rain entering the car.

The harness that I bought the other day.

The DGAV Weber and the external fuel pump will be fitted in once I finished the first 1000km.

The wide fender. Touch up? Will do once the car is ready to be painted.

From the front. Wide..

How's the duck tail? OK or not?

And finally, the new engine.

So far so good. Super loud, high compression, and to me its powerful. A few minor problem and the car is good. It needs a new battery, a high speed starter and a proper wiring job. Will update from time to time. And its time for me to active in the blog again since I finished the semester already.


Tomiya Takato said...

Congrats man, what a trip hahaha.

flushed. said...

id say lose the ducktail.
sick ride. bet its worth the 13h

Rosso said...

Tommy, its not a trip that you'd want. Trust me =)

Flushed, will try the spoiler first and see how it goes. Haha. 13hours of doom.

asuramaru™ said...

mantops la mar....
1 perjalanan yg mencabar tuh....
anyway ducktail tuh nampak ok jugak...
tp ko kene touch up banyak ngn fiber ak rasa bar nmpk smat....
kalau x nmpk cm pelik je....
ak rse im punya ducktail lg semat...
wira sedan punya x salah aku....
anyway nnt ak g kl ak nk try bwk kete ko ekk....

Rosso said...

Wira ducktail. Yep. Aku tak suka sama ngan orang.. Muahaha.

Nak drive? Kereta still not in good condition. Not yet.

Dennis Tan said...

Yo. Hoho. Congrate bro. For your bee's recovery. Do check your alternator's charge though. Old wiring tent to get problem with that.
And again, congrate on getting bee home. Take good care of it.

Old school rocks!

Rosso said...

Dennis, I'll do a new wiring soon. Hmmm.

Wiper motor blow, all meter gone also. Hmmm.


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