Saturday, July 31, 2010

Perodua Viva.

Dad bought a new Perodua Viva or Daihatsu Mira Avy for international market. The spec for this Viva are 850cc engine, manual tranny, and I guess its a medium spec. Love the color though. Its been awhile since we have a new car in the garage, other than the BMW X6 earlier.

Viva and Avy comparison. Seriously Perodua is good at destroying its original cuteness on Daihatsu. The facelift for Perodua is kinda bad. Just look at Myvi especially the earlier model. Passo/Boon is really good looking. The best for Perodua is the Myvi SE I guess.

Okay, so my bro and I are kinda excited. We are more excited with Viva this time compare to the X6. Not so excited with the X6 coz Dad had its own 'protocol' with the car and of coz we both cannot drive (but now I can drive it) or fooling around inside the car. And the X6 didn't came with a plastic wrapping. LOL. Viva does. And of coz we are the first one to drove it home.

The engine bay. Everything is new. How I wish Rolla was this 'new'..

The meter panel. Engine noise kinda harsh and the fuel consumption is really good. Suitable for city driving for sure.

Everything is so plastic and simple inside even to compare with Getz. I guess you get what you pay.

So I get the honor to drove back the Viva. Oh, I decided to went bald during my first week in UTM. Haw haw haw. The new car smell, is really nice too. Hohoho.

And when we arrived, guess what? Some water vapor already inside the headlamp! Whattttt? The car is less than few hours old and it shows its first problem. Cool eh?

Oh, anyway, the Viva is not for us actually. It is for my Grandma in Kelantan. Dad will drive it back next week. I'll definitely will drive it around before it goes to Kelantan.

Anyway, some fuel consumption observation for Jazz when I drove it around for the last 2weeks. For city driving, its average consumption is 13.3km/liter. That is what the ODO meter showed. Which mean the consumption is 13.9cent/kilometers.

While for highway cruise with an average speed of 120km/h, the consumption is 14.2km/liter or 13cent/kilometers. Not bad huh for a 1.5liter engine. With a full tank of RON95, the car traveled almost 420km. Will do an observation with a RON97 after this.

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