Sunday, October 17, 2010

300km Journey Preparations.

Long post alert! 

So here's how my Saturday is filled. Woke up really early at 7.30am today (Hey its early coz my morning start at 1pm onwards. HAHA). Sick of the Rolla's dirtiness coz it had been left for a few weeks. Nobody is interested to clean out Rolla while I'm gone
Time to clean you up!

Some extra effort after washing Rolla. I waxed her (Duh its tiring) and also spring cleaning the interior and fix whatever loose inside the car. Took me about 2hours to finish all of em.
Buffed and as clean as white cloth.

And finally, my parents gave the green light to me. What approval? I am gonna be driving Rolla back to Johore this weekend! Sweet! BUT, before any breakdown or shit gonna happen, I better be prepared this time. So time to hit tire shop for new rubber. Which mean? Finally can fit the Equip 01 on Rolla and end the florescent orange liberty on Rolla.

Teet! Awesomeness detected!

Also its time to change Rolla's engine oil. Although the car didn't hit 5000km, its 3 months already. So it is recommended for one to change oil after 3 months. I took this semi synthetic oil and the grade is 10-40w. Mike told me to use this grade.

So I am trying to be cheapo this time. Decided to opt for this China made tires. The brand is Hifly. Traction and temperature is A with treadwear of 400. Quite good deal but err China tires? Less confident with it. But since RM is low, I took it anyway. Oh the size is 185/60/14. Yeah I like low profile tires.

The results? Super awesomeness detected with this Equip.

Unfortunately, the offset is too awesome till it looks like this. Yeah it does look nice but I cant turn the wheels at all. Damn damn. I remove the 1' spacer but the caliper rub with the rim. Tried the smaller size spacer but still rubbing. And that's that. I cant use it. So back to square one, which is; florescent orange for the win. Sigh.
My last tire change was this Kumho Ecsta XT. It comes with a reasonable price tag and AA traction. So I am gonna use the same brand coz I like this. Grippy enough for me. Also the same size as the last time, 195/50/15. This is my new front set while the rear set I opted the China made.

Found out that the belts were worn out already so asked them to replace it too.

Another sacrifice I am doing for Johore road, is increasing back some height so that I can pass any hump available in Johore soon. Yeah, tall car is lame, but for the sake of practicality, I have to do it.

Current stance. Yeah. Lame... The curse of the orange rims continued unfortunately.

Talking bout practicality, I decided to lower the fuel pressure. Now that I know 3.5bar is good for spirited driving, I need to let it go for a better consumption. Decided to drop it to 3bar now. Stock pressure is 2.8 for Blacktop. Results? Much more efficient consumption.

How do I know? Coz I went to Genting Highland to make sure the car is ready for the long trip. Drove it to Genting and to Hulu Selangor and total trip was around 200km. And the car used about RM30-40 of fuel. Which is good coz the average RPM was around 3000-5000. Yeah lower pressure mean much weaker low end power so gotta high rev it. For 3bar, the vtec only kicked in after 3500rpm. Below than that, any town car can simply pass me on uphill.

Yeah. Shot with Nikon D3000. Didn't bring my EOS 50D.

Before hitting the downhill. Took a break to let some heat out of the engine. Temp was good; around 80-90 when going uphill. No problem shows this time. Tire's feedback? Grippy as usual for the Ecsta, but no comment for the China tires at the back.

Went to check out the scenery and breezy air, and I left Rolla for awhile, and as usual, crowds will pull over whenever I popped the hood. Hahaha. No brag here, just it shows that old car does it better when it comes on pulling crowds.  Yeah if anyone noticed it already, I was using an umbrella as the hood stand. Awesome rite?

I went to MAEPS after Genting, and yeah I do snap some photos but didn't feel like editing it. So I leave it be and I hope tomorrow everything gonna be fine and I hope to arrive safely at Johore. Time to get some sleep now.

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