Friday, November 4, 2011

Goodbye Demak DMX-R.

Sold off my bike to a buddy in Kajang. Still within the Kajang Dirt Bike Team. Gonna miss it. Bought at RM6000 and the resale value after 6 freaking months? RM2500 at bike shop. Damn fucktard right? Luckily my friend offer to take it.

Last pose before departing with the bike. Left the bike at KTM behind City Square and it reached Kajang in two days.

Some random photos with the bike. Actually there's a lot of photos during the shooting of Sepah the Movie. Kinda lazy to upload it. Here's Shuaib of Sepah trying the bike.

Early in the morning before shooting started.

Ready for action!

I do feel bad for them because I sell off the bike in the middle of continue of film shooting. But if I did not let it go, I'll not have the Kiwisaki. Tough decision.

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