Sunday, November 20, 2011


Bike's gonna be in the workshop for another week for all around check up. Its okay. Better one shot rather than few times problem.

Custom chain guard from Kriss.

Used timing belt as the 'bullet' for second chain guard.

And just noticed that the rims are made in Japan yawww. DID yawww. No Taiwan or China bullshit yawww. And the rim's feature a tube-lock to hold the tube if it is punctured. And I still can get out of the woods with a punctured tube with the lock. And Kenda tire; which is one of the premium brand for off-road tire and cost a bomb too.

Radiator's been painted. Looks nice. Also the head had been skimmed and all gasket and oil seal had been replaced. No major damage luckily. Frame gonna be sprayed too. Gonna need to replace the rear absorber too. Oh, the handle bar comes from Renthal. Another original stuff yawww.

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