Friday, November 4, 2011

Goodies Goodies.

Went back to KL today for Raya Haji holiday. Sadly, its just three days of holidays. Damn it. And its also consider as our semester break. Too short to enjoy the break. Hargh.

Anyway, some goodies I brought back to KL today. Both of the helmets are sold. My boot had been repaired. The Thor boot also sold. New glove, jersey and off road pants in case there is off road activity in KL this weekend.

Stop by at Kluang to pick up more stuffs that had been ordered. Green jersey, green goggle, and green helmet for me!

Cant afford to buy those expensive helmet so I'll stick with my budget limit. As long as it is green.

A complete cover set for the KX125! Gonna fit it tomorrow. Cant wait to see the result!

New toy that need attention.

More progress tomorrow I guess.

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