Wednesday, November 16, 2011


So, as you all knew, I sold off my Demak for a used Kawasaki KX125. Believed to be the 1984 model, the bike is now going a restoration process. Much like my previous KE70 had been through. Restored and abused.

Power is there, suspension is good. The exterior is not good. So thus the leaking and whatsoever.

Got all my necessary stuffs for the restoration of the bike at my friend's shop. Custom cover set with a fuel tank and also a seat. Since I cannot source out the NOS of the 1984 cover set, I decided to go with this set.

A new helmet and goggle to match up the bike's color. Only LS2 brand. Only bought what I could afford no?

All my stuffs. Some of it had been sold to fund up the new bike. One Industry jersey, and also a MHR racing glove to live up the new bike's spirit!

Replaced the front bearing, brake pads, serviced the front fork and also serviced the carburetor as it was always overflow due to empty fuel tank.

Adjusted the KIPS system so that the power valve open a bit early. Leaking here and there from the o-ring and gaskets. Gonna replaced all of em!

Brought the bike to the bike's ex-owner who have a welding shop to fit custom brackets for the new cover set. The chassis is very simple and easy to removed.

Unfortunately I cannot use the fuel tank because the fuel tank is meant for delta-box chassis and mine is not delta-box (Outside frame). So force fit the seat with the old tank and the rear side cover and its tail. The mudguard, the front plate and side tank cover had not been fitted yet. Will do it together with the engine restoration.

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