Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Neo and Neo.

Photostat! Actually, one of it belongs to my brother. He's driving a newer one and his car is Auto tranny and mine is Manual tranny. Well, it is quite fun when there's two same car around. One can compare to each other on what's wrong or missing especially when it comes to Protong.

Guess what? My bro's Neo is missing some screws, handbrake cover and also the seat puller! And the engine is producing weird noise, something like 'tappet' noise (New engine ada tappet ke?). Such quality product from Bolehland. Mine clocked 7000km+ already while his car clocked 1000km+ only. Yeah, his campus is at Cyberjaya only, so hence, low milage.

And yes, the Neo will not be modified. I am satisfied the way it perform. For now. Handling is at its best even at its stock form. Very satisfying. The car guzzle petrol not that efficient by the way.

Manual > Auto for this car.

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