Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dato' Sagor Old School Challenge.

Also known as Retro Syndicate Cup!

Track Layout:

Support by :

Sponsor by : High Speed Exhaust & Radiator Service Ctr


0800 > 0900 Registration
0900 > 0930 Driver briefing
0930 > 1300 Free practice
1300 > 1330 Break Time
1330 > 1500 Qualified
1500 > 1700 Race
1700 Price giving

Entrance Fees : RM150 (No need pay extra for join other category)

Category :
A) Ultimate K
unlimited mod toyota K series engine

B) Ultimate A
unlimited mod nissan A series engine

C) Super 1600
for all oldschool below 1.6cc

D) Super 1800
for all old school below 1.8

E) Ultimate CUB(open)
for all old school vehicle

Basic Rules :
1)All Vehicle must be more then 20 year old
2)No lose item in vehicle
3)Helmet and shoes are compulsory
4)Seat belt must be wear all the time in track

Vehicle :
1)Engine transplant are allowed(engine is not below 20 year will be move to Ultimate CUB (Open)
2)Brake light must be function
3)Material can be removed providing there is no reduction in structural integrity and safety
4)Tyres and rim are free(slick tyre are allowed)
5)Fire extinguisher and roll cage are highly recommended

For more information pls call :
Han 0165979290

For Booth And Price sponsor pls call:
Jr 0165418798

Hmm. Lets see how my car first. Its either fit or not. Or maybe I'll just go there to take the coverage. Maybe as a participant. Time will tell.


phat_lee said...

aiyak! nak join...tapi......

Chris Yip said...

Im gonna join mate, see u there!

Rosso said...

I'll wait first.. Wanna run in my engine first then I'll decide..

joshua said...

dude... u need help running in the engine tell me... lol
btw.. i just uploaded the flyer in RS pls paste on ur blog as well?

Dennis Tan said...

should add one rules - no rusted panel/parts/beam/bumper/ or lamp/signal lamp which will fall off during acc/braking~ XD hahahaha~

Rosso said...

Will do once Im free. Im still fixing my own life curently. Lol.

Yeah, should add that one rules!

kev said...

want to join, but my car will be dwarfed by other cars, no doubt!


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