Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Weber For Bee.

Never came to my mind of using this kind of carburetor, but when I was at Ipoh, someone had offered me this carburetor with a good price. I was thinking for a few days, before finally, I made my mind to take it. But unfortunately, the Weber that I bought is the smallest one in the catalog, a DGAV 32/32. A progressive one. Just wanna have an experience with this kind of carburetor. It will not be used yet, as I'm short of fund. So, I'll just wrap it up, and keep in my display closet. Lol. Item is still at Ipoh and I'll collect it once my Bee is done.

So this is how a DGAV Weber looks like. Internet picha though. This one is 32/36 maybe.

Any ideas how much this stuffs usually cost? Just wanna know the market price. Any Weber advice? The Weber that I bought was incomplete according to the owner. He just completed all the stuffs and assemble it back. Serviced it and was put on sale coz he needs some urgent money. It comes with a tapak, but it is for A14 Datsun. So, I didn't take the tapak coz Im808 said I cant use it. So I'll try the new engine with normal carburetor and then I'll switch to Weber. I hope there's a significant improvement. Hope so. If not, will give it to Jaguh. Pinjam only aaa...

So, this is the DGAV series when disassembled. So many stuffs in a single Weber.

1 or 2 more weeks before Bee is done. The engine wise is done. And the body job is in progress now. Sigh, I miss driving a manual car.

Anyway, the bugger in the making, (lol) Jaguh is making an adjustable suspension for the front. Will post it up once it is done. Anyone interested can ask him for a price too. Bugger, that Jaguh always one or two steps ahead of me. If he is three steps away from me, I'll scratch his car. Muehehehe.


Faris said...

weber ni ade bpe jenis erk?

Rosso said...

Banyaaaaaaak sangat. Ada a few je yang aku tau macam;


and so on... XD

Yang penting, 32/32 tu kecik. Dia ada dua barrel. Bila slow, satu barrel je open, bila laju sikit dua barrel open.

Faris said...

owh,gitu ghopenyer..
diantara yg disenaraikan..

which is the best?

Rosso said...

It is subjectivelah.

IDA48 is for Rotary and Boxer I think.

While DCNF40 is taken out of Ferrari, people told me lah.

Twin barrel, open at the same time.

While DGAV, DG series has two barrel but open one when slow, open two when faster.

Anyway, aku noob lagilah bab-bab Weber ni.

Dennis Tan said...

Fuel price is sky high bro~ ^^ lol~ think twice, think twice~ hohoho~

Rosso said...

Nevermind, I'll just bungkus the Weber for now.



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