Thursday, September 17, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya.

An early wish to all my friends, since the internet connection here at Kelantan is kinda limited. My activity here? Will be going to a few scrapyards here to test my luck when finding rare stuffs. And also Raya thingy lah.

Im busy with my own life. Going through some shits rite now. Although Im pretty pissed with what happened, and yet, people see me as 100% guilty this time. I am angry, but I'll just keep it this time. With this, as a results, I lost Mok. And of course, nobody's helping to fix it. And I'm not appreciating any 3rd party interference in this case. Everyone is included.

Now? Great. Mok hates me and currently ignoring me. Now I learned what I had did wrong, and trying to learn from my mistakes. And yes, I'm the only one trying to fix it back. The other side is just ignoring it completely even though she did a few mistakes too.

Never mind, I'll try my best to fix up my mistakes. But I guess everything has the limit. I guess if I reached the limit, I'll just pass and go on.


kev said...

eid mubarak to u man! have a great time in kelantan

Stanley Carter said...

Sorry to hear that bro, I don't know anything obviously, but from what I've read on this blog so far, I think you two were real great together, and I sincerely wish the two of you will get together again soon.

phat_lee said...

bro amar! selamat hari raya dude...maaf zahir batin. bukan nak nyibuk, but what i can say is, everything happen for a reason, and demo kena kuat semangat. i know these word x membantu sangat, but remember, problem can be solved..kalau pasal relationship,one thing for sure jangan cepat melenting la dalam problem solving, k bro? pikir one step further...(nasihat dari org yang still single)...hahaha...

DriftoZona said...


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Suka dan duka akan silih berganti. Apa yang penting, kena cool dan berikan masa utk bertenang.

Aku yakin kau dgn mok akan kembali tenang. Orang perempuan mmg cepat merajuk. Tapi, takkan sampai nak tinggalkan kenangan manis dgn pasangannya.

Yang penting cool dan jgn gabra. Ada masa yang sesuai, mulakan dengan minta maaf.

(nasihat dari orang yang dah beranak 3)

Vince said...

Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya.... :)

Did you deleted the Blog page Conned again?

helmi ibrahim said...

selamat hari raya amar.

berbaek2 lah semula. bawak berbincang. kalo dua2 keras kepala tak gune gak.

elok2 eh?



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