Thursday, September 24, 2009

Har Har Har.. Ness.

Hargh. Finally. Home sweet home. Gosh, its hard to adapt to non familiar surrounding such as village area and their condition? Was kinda dirty if you asked me. That's my cousin's home. Har har har. How dirty is it? Well, my whole leg had been bitten with this small creature called pepijat I think. Itchy, swollen and anoyying. Damn.. Well, cant complaint much since its not my home.

Anyway, I arrived after 14hours of driving. From Kelantan to Terengganu, then to Pahang, and finally my home. Two sleep-rest, and countless unnecessary stop. And another thing that I bought home is.. Stomach ache! Yep, too much food till food poisoning. But I love the Nasi Dagang! Duit raya that I got is getting lesser and lesser year by year. Its hard to accept that Im getting older. This is the suckest raya ever. Apart from breaking up, some of my relatives didn't come back too. Boredom was killing me there.

Anyway, new stuff for Bee is a 4-point harness. Bought two sets the other day. The black one is for Josh, and the red one is mine. Sorry Josh, yours already opened when I took it, so I use it to take a photo. Hehehe. Still brand new mah!

And after the last MMS that I received from Im808, this is the latest one. Showing that most of the rusty area had been fixed. And the fender is currently going some shaping treatment I think.

Remember my fucked up firewall? No more now.
Oh, I think I need to realize something that I had been focusing too much on my car till Mok is bored and leaving. So I guess, no more car topic when I got a chance to talk to her. I hope there's still chances left for me. Oh, how I wish I can turn back the time. Hope. Hope. Too much hope till it sounds like hopeless.


joshua said...

lucky i not picky n not tambi jeya raj.. lol..

when can i get my harness??


phat_lee said...

all the best dude!


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