Monday, September 7, 2009

Jaguh Autoworks : Test Run at MAEPS.

I was pretty busy again this past few and coming weeks and I had totally forgotten to give an update on Jaguh's big project and honestly, it was a pretty boring life without my yellow car.

Anyway, more updates and finally a test run at MAEPS yesterday. Here's a clearer view of the roll cage. Still half-cage. Not a fully cage yet.

And introducing, welded diff by Jaguh Autoworks. Looks very freaky with the welding job. I'll update from time to time, whether this welded diff can stand the abuse from the hard usage, considering Jaguh's foot now is always heavy.

And also, custom made adjustable for ANY car. You name it. Any old car can be customize. And here's an adjustable for KE70 for Jaguh and Din. I'd tested it. Good handling improvement with a good price. Call Jaguh for more info!

Jaguh's KEtam interior. Freaky.

And another project was to relocate the battery to the boot area.

Few this and that, and insulating the negative terminal. Sorry I cant be more helpful that usual coz I was tired and thirsty. Hehehe.

Weld the new bracket, and taraa! Relocated! And also, can ask Jaguh for the price. I'll be doing mine soon once I get my Bee back.

And we went to MAEPS Drift Run to test the car. Unfortunately there's no pics and no video recording taken coz it was dark. We were playing the night run. Din and Mok also was there. Overall, the car's handling factor increase dramatically. From the rollcage, adjustable set for front, and also the RX7 coil spring for rear. Jaguh will be making his custom RCA too soon.

Here's a video. I cant view it anyway. Must be the browser's problem.


Ir. aSuRaMaRu™ said...

terbaiks ah kete afif....
aku cadangkan korang leh masuk event akhir bulan 10 ni kat kelantan....
baik reg awal sebab 1st 30 peserta dapat free trailer dari kl ke kb and kb ke kl....

Vince said...


When can get Bee back? It has been quite a while. I hope there is lots of progress. :)

Rosso said...

Bee's engine is done. Complete rebuild and small modification on it.

Engine is at the workshop while Bee's body is towed away to the body shop. Complete body/rust treatment but without new paint. Cheap price comes with slow progress. XD

I was hoping for it to be done this week, but unfortunately, I have to wait till after Raya.

Which mean, Im not gonna competing in the OS Cup coz I need to run in the engine first for about another 6k km.


joshua said...

chill la... bro..
kayuh plahan lahan...
once done... fuhlamak sabar skit... lol

Tomiya Takato said...

Cool, so this's how a welded diff looks like. Anyway about the Bee, the rarity's great and it looks really good in person. You sent it to a really good place to rebuild the whole frame of the car as you know it.

But then how much does it cost to rebuild the body ? im curious haha. Playhouse did save alot of cool and rare cars from worse condition so i bet it'll look great once its done.

Rosso said...

Tomiya, this is not a normal welded diff. Normally people just make sure the gear is jammed to the housing by welding it.

While Jaguh punya, he drop in a few extra ingredients like steel bar, and etc and welded em up to make sure all gear is completely jammed.

Wei, I didnt send the body to Playhouse. Playhouse is at USJ, while the car is at Ipoh. Full bodywork is around 1k without paint but super slow progress, and Playhouse is top notch with their working speed and quality workmanship and expensive rate. Maybe my car's quotation is around RM2-3k with them?


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