Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lets go to Jeembo!

Emm, looks like I had found my new hangout place! Since Jaza left DoriDori, I didnt go to the garage anymore. Hehehe. No friends to hangout there. So Jaguh introduced Jeembo as an alternative. Its situated in Kajang, which is quite near to my house. And few steps from Jaguh's house. Haha. So, whats so special bout Jeembo?

Welcome to Jeembo's Garage!

Old-school love will love the shop, as most of the cars inside is old cars.

Jeembo's BMW. He loves BMW more than anything. Didnt have a chance to snap another of his BMW. Sorry, I dont know BMW models.

While waiting for the custom railing for my recently new bucket seat, Jaguh decided that we went to karaoke and lunch. So lets go~ Talking bout my first time singing. Im sorry I couldnt sing very well guys. Hehehe.

See the room number! 33~!! Emm, my lucky number.

Mok really love singing. After 4hours also still can sing!

Jaguh at his best.

So after 4hours, yet my new seat had not taken its new place. Why? Coz everything need to be customize as my new seat is passenger side. HAHAHAHA. Yeah, passenger side. Dont ask why~

Old seat's railing need to be customize to fit in the new seat.

Try and error time.

Even Jeembo also was helping.
So after few more hours, its done. Yet, I just noticed that the railing is lower on the right, so will be visiting Jeembo again soon.

So, the total costof my custom railing? RM80~ Hell yeah, its cheap!

Jeembo's is known for his cheap labour charge. Emm, the garage also can do fender rolling, sand-blasting, engine conversion, etc etc. To cut it short, the garage is all-rounder. The workshop can do anything related to automotive.

Sigh, my writing is getting bad. Need to go for English lesson back. Lol.

So, visit Jeembo at:
Jeembo's Garage,
58, Jalan Prima Saujana 1/1A,
43000 Kajang, Selangor.

Hp : 017 691 5712, 019 674 7020 (Man)
Hp: 012 636 7197 (Jeembo)

According to my receipt, they provide:
General services and repair, aircond and wiring services, bodywork repairs and paintworks, interior cleaning and refurbishment, pick-up and delivery service, modification, towing.


Da Devil said...

lolz..tat BMW is his?is E36,anyway..looks like cool place...hehe

Rosso said...

He got another one. The model before E36. 2doors. Most of the time, he lend to his customers that left their car at the garage.

Anonymous said...

sing for 4hous is still ok..
rite jaguh??


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