Sunday, March 28, 2010

Accidentally, MAEPS again..

OK, so today I woke up reallly late. Around 4pm. Its been awhile since I have a good sleep. And today is the day I wanted to wake up late. Actually Din the Longchamp called me and woke me up. So, his car is done overhauling and he told me that they (Din and his workshop friends) are going to MAEPS today for some fun. Me, still sleepy, not excited at all coz I am saving my tires for next Saturday event. More infos coming bout next week event. Really excited to go for it next week.

Then, nothing to do at all actually, so texted Din telling him I am on my way already. Also bring up my new helmet and shoe in case someone invited me to have a shotgun ride. Arrived, Wanbra of Feinto D told me that the first 10 cars that arrived got a free entrance.


The little devil inside me told me that "WHY NOT?" Hahahaha.

Earlier, after got back from the trip, I managed to swap my rear tires with a used but good condition set of tires. Instead of me saving up for next week, I used it up today. Okay, back to my report of the day today..

Parked up my car with them, and unload all the stuffs I got inside the car. Luckily I bring along my helmet and shoes. Among the earliest we are, even though we use the same Corolla, this four Corolla is powered by four different engines!

The right one is powered by 2T engine!

The second one? SR20DE power house!

Okay we skipped mine coz basically its a mess in the engine bay, and hop on to the last one is....

Din's 'new' engine! Anyway, anyone interested to have this photo as a wallpaper? More photos of the new engine. Forgot whether the engine was fully overhauled or top overhauled. Anyhow, the work done by the mechanic is good. Really clean!

The mystery of this engine are finally revealed. Block is from GZE while the rest are Black Top stuffs. No wonder the power is different from others. Ported and the rest I forgot this time. Hehehe.

And I tested the car. Power wise... No comment. Better than mine honestly. The power is always there while mine start after 2.5k RPM. I have a lil lagg only from the turbo. Thanks to the small snail, short piping route and small inter cooler I think.


I CANT drift Din's car anymore! Despite the power is there, I cannot make it sideways and cannot hold the drift anymore. Damn. That is 'my first drift car' for a year over, but now I cannot drift it. Someone told me that the reason I cannot drift it because I am already comfortable to the turbo power from my engine, so downgrading to N/A makes me a shitty noob back! Argh, cant accept the truth. Hehehe. And, Din's using AD07 now! Wohoo. Super grippy when I tested it. Damn nice. I am thinking of getting some Falken Ziex only for next week event.

And time for me to test some dry layout of MAEPS. To me, dry layout is the hardest surface ever. Plus I dont have spare tires and I am sticking to my principe of '4k RPM is my max rev' make it much harder.

Here I am posing with Rolla. Testing out the new helmet. Gosh, the sky is so blue in the photo. Love it. See, no other cars. We are sooo early till we can go in and out of the track without the needs to queue up or wait.

Lucky number today is '5' with X mark of 'not drifting today'. Last time was 4. Supposedly I got number 4, but they gave me the form that's for no 5, so I just took it. Some shots with the track view.

To be honest, the track's surface is pretty bad now. Talked to Jane & Mike today, they also agreed with it. Most of the holes on the surface were touched up with cement. That make it slippery at one point and then rough back. Some more, the road is not level anymore. Y'all can see from my recording after this. Camera shake is equal of me bumping inside the car.

Okay, so here's my first few laps while warming up for the day. Dry layout definitely is not for me.

And sometimes, you spun. So did I. And here it is!

And then, there's a problem of the day. I cannot started the car! After 10 minutes of trying, manage to start it and bring it back to the pit. Y'all can listen to the engine's sound. Something is definitely wrong with Rolla.

Few friends tried to source and they were a great help that time. Till the sky became dark, problem still not solved.
Damn, this picture is super nice. No flash, but the high ISO bonus, adequate lighting and the color really striking up. I love my 50D!

And finally, found it. The source was a loose cable plug. Damn it. So, I took some rubber tape, and they taped and sealed up the current leakage along my cable plug. And as usual, Rolla's behave like usual again!

Some night run. Anyone noticed the vibration? That's is the road condition currently. I hope they will take some action and fix the road surface back. The wearing course and binder course is damaged already. And now what's left is the road base! Pfft. Showing off some of my Civil subject knowledge. LOL.

And finally. Mike invited me for a shotgun ride in its freaking fast Goat!

Overall, Starlet is pretty quick with 4AGE compare to KE70 with 4AGE. When switching line, the KP61 did it pretty quick and responsive, but to maintain the drift, Mike kinda struggle with it. I guess that's the drawback of short wheelbase machine. Anyway again, good experience riding with others. Especially with someone that is love to share their knowledge and info like Mike!

Finally, some interior shots of the Goat. Very neat, simple and clean. Ooo I want this kind of gadgets!

Newly installed cut off switch. Nice-ness.

And that's all for today. Overall, new experience with Rolla on dry layout, some more free entrance, and Din and friends were helpful as usual, and others were nice too. Time to sleep now~


Stanley Carter said...

Cool update! And yea, I think you should really try to rev your 20v higher, how can you drift below 4krpm man? haha! Release it's potential! Release the power~~!!!!

Rosso said...

Sayang my engine. So I cant rev more than that. I can feel the engine screamin in pain if I rev more than that.


Just driftla. Hehehhe. Rev till 4k then lepas throttle and press again. Hehehe.


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