Friday, March 12, 2010

Long, Hard and Bent.

Hehehe. The title sounds a bit gayish. Anyway, I am pretty busy with assignments and due to the fact that my final examinations are around the corner, 2 more weeks. And yes, next week I am going to Japan and Korea. Wohoo, a bit excited yet at the same time I am quite worry about my exam and etc.

Anyway, today decided to check out the power steering fluid and found out it was almost empty. So I bought this power steering fluid from a local spare part shop and top it up.

And finally, my front lip were traded with this exhaust. Gosh I love bent tips at the end of an exhaust. Question is, does it suitable for my car? And is it loud? It is quite long and according to the owner, the brand is 5zigen and it is suitable for turbo instead of N/A.

Here's a scale of my phone and the exhaust's length.

Dunno the truth but I'll try to fit it in maybe tomorrow or on Sunday. Tomorrow I gotta do some shopping for my UTM's Grand Dinner for seniors. I need to suit up and need to be as handsome as I can. LOL.

And here's the exhaust on previous car. Does it looks good?

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