Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Aftermath Clean Up.

Nothing much. Just today after I got an SMS from Mike telling me that the brown soil is actually acidic, I rushed back home and took Rolla to a carwash. Hahahaha. I thought I can preserve the dirt as a memory. Kekekeke.

The workers took some time to remove the dirt.

Walla. Done! Here's my daily VS my weekend ride. But both were parked at home. Hahaha. I am driving my mom's Jazz this week. Kinda want some comfort and speed plus fuel efficiency. So took Mom's car to the college.

Anyway, a friend of mine today asked me where was my front lip. I told him that it detached again for the fourth time. So he made this offer, I swap my front lip for this exhaust. Wohohohoho. Which get me excited coz I love bent tip exhaust. The questions are; is it quiet or loud? As my current one is quite 'silent' and how inch is my current piping and the new exhaust is? Hopefully tomorrow can meet him and take it.


Stanley Carter said...

Now that is a loooong muffler!

Rosso said...

Too long ke Stan?



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