Monday, March 8, 2010

MAEPS Saturday Night Drift. First Session with Rolla!

So, finally after a few times got invited to try Rolla at MAEPS, I finally decide to go. Hahaha. Finally! Anyway credit goes to Mike for his effort callin me up the day before that and invited me to play along at MAEPS.

Anyway, the epic (to me) story goes like this. Long crap writing warning!!!

Woke up early and went out to my college to pick up my camera and some stuffs. The road was freakin jammed and crawlin. It's kinda painful to drove into the traffics with a heavy clutch pedal. Damn it. Some more the petrol smell (because of external fuel pump and surge tank inside) make me high. And was searching some tires which Wangsa Maju area sold it quite expensive. Damn it.

Along the way, an hour on the road, the engine kinda "BOP BOP" and its idling was kinda unsteady. Afraid of possible problem, I switched off all unnecessary electric usage such as aircond and radio and drove slowly to Jeembo's Garage which is situated at Kajang. From Cheras to Wangsa Maju to Kajang. What a trip.

When I arrived, Man, the chief foreman was there with one of their new foreman which I forgot his name. Sorry bro. Hehehe. So, I told Man the symptoms and he suggest to change the plug along with the oil change that I asked them.

So, here the stuffs. This time kinda budget tight. So I opt the Petronas Syntium 15W-50. A bit thick I guess. Did it to slow down the leakage at gasket area. And Toyota oil filter too.

The 'old' oil that lasted 3000km. Well, 2500+ km only actually. Since I am going to thrashed the car on a track, why not change it. Anyway, look at the damn dirty and 'black' oil.

And the new spark plug. Dunno why Man opt the Nissan brand. The previous spark plug stain showed that the combustion is in its 'proper' way. The previous previous spark plug was in shitty condition. Got carbon here and there.

And I tested the car. First thing that I found is that the idling had dropped significantly! Before this it was 1.8k at idling and it was not stable as it goes up and down all the time. And sometime I heard the misfiring at the exhaust note. And whenever I cold start the engine, some carbon will shoot out of the exhaust and staining my home's floor. And when on high rev, which is the max for me is at 4.5k, sometimes the engine was like not getting enough spark to burn the fuel.

Which this new plug, the idling was at 1.1k and the idling is steady so far. No up and down and no more misfiring. And it does not stained my floor anymore. Finally a proper combustion. And free revving without a problem. Problem solved for now! I still need an AFC to get the proper air-fuel ratio so that the engine can show it's max potential.

Proper photo of my new BOV. The 'woosh' is low profile and quieter.

While waiting for them to service Rolla, I went out a tire shop nearby JMG. Bought four sets of used tires. Total up with my rear tires and another pair donated by Din Longchamp, I have eight sets of tires just for the event! Wohoo!

So here's a new size for the rim. Instead of using my usual size which is 195/55/15, this time I opted the 185/55/15 and the other pair was 195/65/15. A bit hippari compare to the previous size.

After everything had settled, I rushed to the MAEPS which is situated near the Cyberjaya. Took me another 30minutes to arrived. I arrived around 6pm I think. And it was raining heavily. I quickly took out everything from the car and ready to go! Also I bought a friend of mine. Known her for a looooong time ago and what a coincidence when she was in KL that day and in Cheras to be exact. So she followed me.

Ok, so here's the first run where I was checking out the track and getting the feel. She was screaming every time I took a corner. Hahaha. And I got a 'bodoh' at the end of the clip. She freaked out. Hahahaha.

And after the first few laps, guess what? The car was "POP POP POP" all the way! Idling dropped till 0.6k and the engine keep shutting down and I cannot rev more than 3k. I was fucked up! And it was only 6.30pm! And Din Longchamp and D18X ( Drifter Seksyen 18 Xtreme park, previously known as Budget Drifer) were there too. They keep sourcing the problem of my car. A lot of help and effort from them checking out the engine in heavy rain! Thanks guys!

They pointed out that it is maybe because of the insufficient fuel going up inside the engine. They checked the regulator and found out it is working normally. Also checked out the fuel pump which is working properly too. And Mike showed up and told me maybe it was the Air Flow Sensor fucked up due to moist entering it.

Dunno which one, I kinda frustrated and since we both are wet already, I told her that we are packing up and lets go somewhere to eat and went back. I left the track around 7pm and was frustrated coz I put a lot of effort to get ready for that day. I drove slowly due to the problem and when I arrived at home, the car is running normal again! What the effffff!

Took a damn long bath coz I was frustrated and I decided to go back to MAEPS! Hahahaha. Along the way I was speeding and the car did not show any problem at all! Arrived again, and unload all the stuffs inside and I quickly get inside the track for some fun.

Anyway, to get a clear view of the track, here's a video of Mike drifting in the dark. Video credits to Wandy.

Here's one of the successful run. Track was still wet and I cannot go fast on straight due to boost kicking in and the tires were spinning most of the time. After all I kept changing gears at 4k RPM and when I was drifting, I released the throttle whenever the RPM hits 4000. Hehehe. Anyway I was using third gear all the way and dumping the clutch only at the first corner.

And after few hours, I got pretty confident with the car and myself, I decided to follow Mike! This is my first time ever following someone when drifting. I followed Mike coz I trust him that he will not spun and ended up me banging his car.

So first run was.. A bit shitty line and I actually laughed at the end of the clip coz I manage to follow him somehow.

And here's another run with him. He's FAST. And after a few round, he told me that I actually can drift. Compliment received! Weehoo~

So, I kept drifting till 12am. Was having fun with Din and his car too. Tsuiso-ing with Bobby that was driving Din's car. That was a freakin tiring day. What a day! And something that I learned is that MAF Sensor is sensitive. This is my second time having problems with MAF. Gotta cover up the MAF after this.

Oh, anyway, of eight tires that I brought, none of them were finished! Despite I was thrashing around with the car, my rear set never finished. Another bonus of the day! Well, I am gonna stack up the tires and will go for another session soon. And I am gonna wait for Din Longchamp and D18X group to join along next time.

How dirty was Rolla after the event?

First, check out my helmet. Battle stain.

Here's Rolla with it's dirtiness to the max. And my lucky number for the event was 4.

Sexy dirty back. See the 'bodoh' word? Hahaha.

Another shots of 'dirt' art.

Some photos from Kday of D18X. His car was freakin dirty too!

Back shot of mine, Din's and Kday's Rollas. Unfortunate to Din, his car was kinda in problem after the event, and today, the car entered a workshop after being towed at car wash for some major work. What work? Top overhaul and solving other problems! I told him to fit in the Blacktop 20valve and I hope he'll do it. Hehehehe.

And finally? Of course the owner's photo. Just woke up and asked my bro to snap this pic. My first time ever posing with the car. Hehehe.

And you know what? I don't think I am gonna sell my car. Not now. I think I am going to have more fun soon with Rolla. So? Sale canceled since the offer that I got was not 'convincing' enough.

And I am back to normal life and that is back to college. Damn it! I wish everyday was like yesterday. Sigh..

On the other hand; I need some sponsorship for the car! Anyone wanna give? =P


Stanley Carter said...

Great post, this is what I have been looking forward to, a proper update of you and your car drifting and having tons of fun! I'm envious! Sibu is just not happening T_T

Rosso said...

Yeah. Thanks man. I really enjoyed that day. Hope the next one will be as good as that one too.

Dont worry, one day Sibu is going to rock as much as we did now.



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